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1. Laboratory for professors  
Each of full-time professors has his/her own laboratory which located at the College of Commerce Building or the Research Building.
2. Particular space
(1)For Students
In order to provide a superior research and interactive environment, the department offers a reading room for undergraduates and research rooms for both graduates and Ph.D. program students.
(2)Computer Room
Our professors and students can use the resource and equipment of school library, computer room in the College of Commerce Building and NCCU computer center. Also, the department provides a professional computer room to assist students to learn.
3. Resources and Equipment 
(1) Resources: To supply sufficient researching and learning materials, the department provides The Economist, Business week and Fortune etc. for students and faculties to borrow.
(2) Equipment
In addition to hardware device, the office of Finance department is equipped with four laptops, two projectors and two copy machines for teaching or activities use.