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Career Opportunity

The graduates from the undergraduate program can start their careers in one of the following units: security firms, banks, CPA firms, industry firms, and government departments. They normally move from junior positions to senior positions or managerial positions within three to five years.
The graduates from the master program normally serve as security analysts in investment companies or security firms, or as credit analysts in commercial banks. Some pursue graduate studies.
Our Ph.D program is designed to produce high quality researchers. Ph.D students are expected to be recruited into reputable universities in Taiwan.

The working industry percentage of our graduates:
Banking and Financing Industry 33.33%
Master/Ph.D 18.36%
Corporation 15.94%
Military Services 8.94%
Public sectors 7.97%
Accounting 5.31%
Corporate Finance 5.07%
Investment Trust/Adviser 3.38%
Others 1.7%