CFA Program Affiliated University Scholarships (only valid for the June 2020 exam)

  • 2019-08-30
此獎學金僅限報考2020年6月CFA 考試的同學申請,且限本系學士班四年級及碩士班在學學生(學士班同學及CFA學程同學將優先推薦) ,請閱讀以下所列之說明並於 9月16日(一)下午五點前檢附相關資料至系辦申請。
Please note that:
1.      The scholarship is only valid for the June 2020 exam.
2.      The scholarship covers the one-time CFA Program enrollment fee (if applicable) and  reduces the exam registration fee (includes access to the curriculum eBook) to US$350.
3.      The scholarship can be awarded for any level of the exam.
4.      The scholarship is only for undergraduate students in final year and graduate students.
5.      Students need to prepare the documents below: (Asnwer the questions C and D in English) 
A.          Transcripts  歷年成績單正本
B.          English Test Score ( TOEFL, IELTS ,TOEIC etc.) 英文檢定成績單影本 (請附正本備查)  
C.          Once awarded the scholarship, what is your feedback towards this program, and what will you do to promote it? 獲得此獎學金後,你將如何回饋系上及CFA Program的合作關係計畫
D.          How do you react and prepare to the innovations of financial technology ? 面對金融科技創新的浪潮,同學如何因應? 
6.      It's obligated to report your test result to finance department once awarded the scholarship.
Our department only award scholarships, therefore our candidates still have to take procedures for CFA enrollment and the on-line scholarship follow-up.